What am I feeding my dog?

Is my dog getting the nutrients he needs from the dog food he is eating?  Is my dog allergic to something in his dog food?  There are a lot of choices of dog food out there.  My response to people when they ask about dog food is if you are buying it at the grocery store you need to stop that now.  Grocery stores usually carry dog foods that are not rated very good and some of the foods they carry have horrible ratings.  Just because the food is highly advertised does not mean it is good.  Look at the ingredients on the bag.  The first ingredient is the highest percentage ingredient in the bag and the percentage decreases and you move down the list.  Beneful is one dog good that is highly advertised but also has been reported to have caused illness and even death in dogs.   Have you ever heard of Solid Gold Barking at the Moon?  Have you heard of Orijen or Earthborn ?  Most haven’t.  Some of these are grain free and others are just highly rated dog foods.  If your dog has grain allergies you will pay more for grain free dog food.  In the long run, though, this food will save you money as you won’t be going to vet for skin infections, yeast infection, ear infections and the list goes on.  Did you know that 2 of the most common allergens in dog food are corn and beef?  Chicken is also high on the list.  If you dog doesn’t have food allergies you don’t have to break the bank to feed them decent food.  Better food makes your dog healthier and live longer.  Below are 3 independent web sites that rate dog food.  Check out the dog food you are buying and see how it is rated.  These sites will also help you find a better food for your dog.  I have bookmarked these sites and refer to them a lot.  Also, Dog Food Advisor has a Facebook page and if you “like” them you will received notifications of dog food recalls.  They love us unconditionally….don’t you think we should try to feed them decent food?http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/http://dogfoodanalysis.com/http://dogaware.com/