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About Us...

Foster Pet Outreach began in 1990 when three coworkers banded together to help a stray cat. Recognizing the need to better the lives of abandoned and abused animals in their community, they volunteered as a small group at the Peoria Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Charter members helped clean cages, groom animals, walk dogs, and fostered selected animals in their homes. In 1991 a growing membership incorporated as an independent organization known as A Cause for Paws (ACFP). While ACFP was beginning to be recognized in the community, there was also confusion with PAWS because of the name similarity. Although the name was changed to Foster Pet Outreach in 1995, the commitment to placing animals in permanent homes remains the same.

Mission Statement:

Foster Pet Outreach is a local non-profit organization whose main focus is to help provide for the well being of animals in our community. We believe that abandoned, injured, or neglected animals deserve the same care and concern, as do our own companion animals. Our members feel that they have the responsibility to address the general needs of this community’s animals and to champion the rights of those worthwhile beings with whom we share our world. Foster Pet Outreach seeks to educate the community in the topics of pet over-population and the necessity of responsible pet ownership. We also bring to local attention the plight of animals who have been denied the basic necessities for a quality life. Animals have an intrinsic value, which is greatly beyond their commercial significance. Foster Pet Outreach wishes that everyone recognize the dignity and worth of all animals.


Foster Care

Animals are fostered in members’ homes until the they are permanently adopted into responsible homes. This process allows the foster parent to become familiar with the animal’s personality and capabilities. This also provides socialization and basic training which helps to make the animal more adoptable.

Spay and Neuter

In the Peoria area alone, over 3,000 animals are killed each year simply because nobody wants them. This is not a remote problem in some faraway city – it’s happening right here! Foster Pet Outreach spays or neuters every dog and cat in our care when our veterinarian feels that the animal has reached an appropriate age. We do not wish any of our foster animals to contribute to the already staggering pet overpopulation problem in this country.

Adoption Counseling

We try to spend as much time as possible finding the right family for each animal. We discuss responsible pet ownership with the potential adopter, and answer as many questions as we can about bringing a new pet into their home.

Adoption Follow-up

The foster parent or other qualified Foster Pet Outreach member contacts the adopters to see if they have any questions or concerns about the adoption process, pet behavioral problems, or general pet care. We try to make every adoption a pleasant experience.