Senior Dogs Adopted

4 Senior Dogs Adopted in 2016!!



Meet Curly, a cute seven year old Poodle mix.  Curly came to Foster Pet Outreach through Chicago Animal Care and Control.  Sadly, Curly’s circumstances suggest that he was once a breeder’s dog, turned out once he became too old.  Foster Pet Outreach placed Curly in loving foster home, where he showed his true colors as a sweet and gentle old soul.

Curly is calm and loving, comfortable around everyone.  Curly’s new mom, Barbara, reports that he loves to petted and cuddled.  When Curly arrived in his forever home, he didn’t know how to play with toys.  Happily, his new sister Maggie, also a senior rescue dog, has taught him how to play!
Barbara also reports a funny story about Curly.  “Curly was a wanderer in the car, so we put him in a booster seat on a road trip for safety.  He didn’t like that, especially since Maggie was allowed to sit in the front seat since she stayed put.  On the return trip, I gave him a chance to sit with Maggie.  He never budged from that seat! You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”
All of us at Foster Pet Outreach are so happy for Curly and his new forever family. As Barbara says, “We highly recommend people open their hearts and homes to older dogs.  It’s well worth it!”



Curly and Maggie


image1 image2

Meet Ginger, an 8 year old Cocker Spaniel mix.  Ginger came to Foster Pet Outreach after she was surrendered for escaping her backyard.  After veterinary examination, Ginger was found to have several injuries and health issues, including poor eyesight.  Ginger received some tender loving care from her foster mom, and she began to blossom into a smart and sweet senior girl.
Ginger loves everyone, especially children!  She is playful, laid back and loving.  Ginger loves her toys so much, she will even play catch with herself!
Ginger was adopted by a local family that was drawn to her sweet personality.  Although she needs eye drops several times each day, Ginger adjusted quickly to her new home.  She loves riding in the car, and takes road trips with her new dad in his pickup truck.  Ginger’s new mom, Wilma, shares,”When I saw her on the Facebook page, I knew we could make her life better.  Turns out, she rocked our world, and we feel so lucky to have her!”  Congratulations to Ginger and her new forever family!



Truman 1

Meet Truman, a 2016 Foster Pet Outreach senior dog who found his happy ending at age 12!  Truman was a stray and very sick when he was rescued by Foster Pet Outreach.  He had given up, and all the energy and spark was gone from his face.

After his initial veterinary examination, we discovered that Truman is actually blind!  Truman’s foster home went into overdrive with an intense focus on healing Truman while helping him adjust to his lack of sight.

After a little while, it became obvious that in Truman’s case, his foster home was meant to be his forever home.  Now, his vision impairment rarely causes him any problems.  “He has learned the lay of my house by bumping into things,” says Truman’s mom, Dianna.  “If he gets stuck, he will bark until someone comes to help him.  He has added such joy to our house!”  Lucky Truman: he went from a stray senior dog who had given up to a beloved family member who is living the good life!

Truman 2Truman Before and After


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