Dog companionship brings a special joy. Foster Pet Outreach would like to extend that joy to our volunteers.  This year we have initiated our Pupdate Program. Volunteers will be able to take a selected dog in our program to enjoy a few hours together.  This program is ideal for those who want to give back and help out, but cannot adopt or foster. Pupdates allow our dogs to expand their socialization through experiencing new people and places.  We ask to keep the focus to the dog you are on your date with– no dog to dog interactions (ie no dog parks, trips to your home to play with your dog) But you can go out to pet friendly stores, hikes, walks, and to your home for a netflix and chill if you can separate from the other animals in your home. We are excited to offer this experience to the Peoria area community.  Together, we can ensure our FPO Pups are getting the most out of life!

Think this might be something for you?  Fill out our volunteer app and be sure to put in the comments section that you are interested in Pupdates.


Have questions?

Email us at: fpo_mail@fosterpetoutreach.org