Foster Application

What you can expect from Foster Pet Outreach:
• All veterinary expenses are covered
• Food and supplies are provided for your foster dog/cat
• A supportive mentorship program with experienced fosters and on a group page
• Active promotion of your foster dog/cat

Time commitment:
• Bring foster dog/cat to an outreach event 1-2 Saturdays a month for 1-2 hours at a time
• Complete home visits for your foster dog/cat and complete the adoption visit
• Taking your foster dog/cat to vet visits as needed
• Providing regular feeding, grooming, training, play, and exercise
• While it varies, the average dog/cat is with us 3-4 weeks. We cannot move the dog/cat to another home.

Please Expect:
• Love and loyalty from your foster
• Satisfaction and fulfillment from saving a life and finding someone the perfect pet
• Animals that need work in the manners department and may not be housebroken

What Foster Pet Outreach expects from you:
• Providing love and attention to your foster pet so you can get to know them and their needs
• Providing a safe and secure environment for your foster to be able to thrive
• The ability to separate your foster from your other animals on an as-needed basis
• Working on basic training, housebreaking, and socialization with the foster
• Providing transportation for your foster to the veterinarian’s office as needed
• Providing transportation to training as needed

Foster Family commits to:
• Learn the unique needs of each foster dog/cat that enters their home
• Keeping the dog/cat as an indoor pet for the duration of their care
• Attending outreach events and other fundraising events as needed
• Screening potential adopters for their foster dog/cat and attending home visits to determine if an applicant is the best fit
• Keeping personal animals vaccinated and keeping homeowners’ liability insurance current
• Taking pictures and providing updates on each foster on a weekly basis