Most frequent questions and answers

Thank you for stepping forward and caring for this vulnerable animal! We hope this guide will help you find the animal’s owners.

  • Call your local animal control. In Peoria County, that would be PAWS 309-672-2440. Tazewell County Animal Control is 477-2270. If it is after hours, or on the weekend, call your police department. Why? This animal may belong to someone who is desperately looking for it. The first place they will call is Animal Control. Legally, an owner search must be conducted for 72 hours before Foster Pet Outreach can begin to help an animal. Even well loved animals can look pretty rough after a few days on the run. Tags can be lost, and fur may become dirty and matted. Previous health conditions can account for skinny or malnourished appearance. Animal Control has the legal power to determine neglect or abuse. What will happen when you call? Tell them you have found an animal and would like to know if anyone is searching for it. They will ask if you want them to come pick it up. You may keep this animal if you choose to, unless, of course, an owner is found. Remember, Animal Control also wants what is best for this living being.
  • Be sure to keep this animal separate from your pets and children. With an unknown temperament and health status, you shouldn’t take any chances. Dispose of any feces in a plastic baggie in case of parasites. Be sure to wash your hands after contact.
  • Ask all your neighbors if they know this animal.
  • Check the paper for lost ads.
  • Post flyers everywhere in your neighborhood. Include a photo of the animal. Put flyers in stores, on signposts, vet offices, and grooming salons.
  • Place a found ad in your local paper. They are very inexpensive. Ask any callers to be able to produce some form of ownership, like a photograph, or identifying vet record.
  • Stray cats often belong to a feral cat colony. For help with a feral cat colony, contact Sterile Feral Foundation at 309-663-4406.

Thank you for your interest in serving as a foster parent for Foster Pet Outreach. We want foster care to be a positive experience for both you and the foster pet.  The process for approval of a foster home is similar to the process of adoption of a pet. We ask for information about your home and your pets and require personal references. We do require that foster homes live within 60 miles of Peoria, Illinois.

When the paperwork from you is received, members of the Foster Care Committee will schedule a home visit to meet the regulations of the Illinois Department of Agriculture for licensing shelters and foster homes. The Foster Care Committee will then match a foster pet that will fit into your home environment. The foster pets have been taken to a veterinarian for health evaluation before being placed into a foster home.

I hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of homeless pets in Central Illinois. That has been the mission of Foster Pet

Outreach since 1991. There are sacrifices one makes in adding more pets to a home, but the rewards of helping homeless pets are long lasting.

Here’s your opportunity to help a homeless pet in the Foster Pet Outreach foster care program without sharing your sofa. Every animal in our program is assured a safe home with proper food and care while in our supervision, but sponsors help us financially care for our foster pets. Generous donations keep our adoption fee reasonable. Sponsoring is a financial commitment to a foster pet until they are adopted.

1. Choose the pet you would like to sponsor or let us choose one for you.

2. Tell us how much you would like to donate each month toward your foster pet. You may designate your sponsorship as a memorial or gift to honor a special animal lover in your life (be sure to give us their name and address so we can notify them of your gift).

Ideas for donation amounts:

  • $12 a month buys a heartworm pill.
  • $15 a month buys dog or cat food.
  • $40 a month buys heartworm pills and food.
  • $60 a month buys heartworm pills, food and toys.

Prefer to give a one time gift?

  • $20 for one vaccination.
  • $50 pays for a heartworm test.
  • $50 covers a feline leukemia test.
  • $150 purchases a spay or neuter for a foster animal.

3. Send your sponsorship checks to:

Foster Pet Outreach

Sponsor a Pet Program

10206 W Dubois Rd

PO Box 4

Edwards, IL 61528

Please include the name of the foster animal you wish to sponsor and a contact name, phone number and/or email address.

How is sponsoring different from fostering? Sponsoring is a financial commitment to a foster pet until they are adopted. Fostering is allowing a pet to live in your home until they are adopted. Questions?  Call us at (309) 682-1122 or email us here.

Foster Pet Outreach does not have a physical shelter as all of the animals are fostered in private homes. To visit one of our foster animals, please complete an adoption application and the foster home will contact you. We also have Petco events monthly to allow prospective adopters to see the foster animals.

All pets in our care are examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, tested (Heartworm for dogs or Feline Leukemia for cats) and treated for worms, fleas, ticks and ear mites, spayed or neutered, and micro chipped.

Dogs receive vaccines against distemper, hepatitis, respiratory infections (including kennel cough), Parvo virus, and rabies. Cats receive their FVRCP combo vaccine to protect against Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia, rabies and Feline Leukemia booster.

The adoption process begins with an Adoption Application for a specific foster pet. The application will be forwarded to the foster parent who will contact you. The next step is a visit to your home if both parties want the process to continue. Foster Pet Outreach then requires a 24 hour waiting period before placing a pet in a new home, giving you time to think about this as a family and make preparations for your new pet.

Our adoption fee is $100 for cats and kittens, $50 for Senior cats (7+) or Long-timers (over 1 year in foster care) and $225 for dogs. Generous donations have helped keep our adoption fees affordable.

These are typical veterinarian charges for just some of what Foster Pet Outreach provides:

Physical exam$50


Microchip Identification$65
Heartworm test and preventative for dogs/
Feline Leukemia test and booster for cats
Rabies vaccination and registration$35
Fecal exam for parasites and worming$30
Spay or neuter$250

What we expect from adopters:

  • Provide annual vaccinations throughout lifetime
  • Provide parasite and flea prevention thoughout lifetime
  • Keep dogs inside allowing it access to the outdoors only for reasonable exercise
  • Keep cats inside
  • Provide ID tag