Foster Pet Outreach accepts donations online with Paypal (click here), VENMO ( click here) or you can mail to:
Foster Pet Outreach,  P. O. Box 4,  Edwards, IL 61528

 We also accept “in kind” donations of pet supplies. They can be left in the box at the front of the building or call (309) 682-1122 to be met at the building.

Ways to Donate to Foster Pet Outreach...

We need supplies! We are always in need of supplies to help us continue with our mission. Dog and cat food (dry and canned), dog and cat treats, fleece and wool blankets, cat litter, collars, leashes, gently used wire kennels and toys.  The large storage box in front of our building is always open to drop off these much needed supplies!

Wish Lists: Click here (Amazon Wish List) (Chewy Wish List)

 iGive is a rebate program where iGive members have the opportunity to donate their rebate to their chosen cause. iGive receives compensation beyond the posted donation amounts, and many stores pay to advertise on our site. When iGive members shop via our special links, an “iGive Cookie” is assigned to your browser. This tells the store, “Here is an iGive Member” using a meaningless member ID number. The store reports back with this number and the purchase amounts so we can calculate the donation to your cause. iGive – You Shop and Your Charity Gets Money For Free!

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are a great way to help us out with just by following these simple steps:

1. Log on to Facebook 

2. On the left side, there is a category called “fundraiser.”

3.  Follow the instructions and select the button that says, “Raise Money.” It will then ask you who you are raising money for. Click, “Non Profit.”   

4. In the search box, enter, “Foster Pet Outreach” and find us.

5. Enter the dollar amount you would like to raise.

6. Add an ending date by which you would like to finish the fundraiser. Click “Next” through the remaining menus to launch to your page.

  • Kroger Community Rewards Program: Simply encourage your participants to visit Once logged into their Kroger account, they can search for “FOSTER PET OUTREACH” either by name, or “WT737” and then click “Enroll.” New users will need to create an account, which will require the following information; a valid email address and a rewards card.
  • Wooftrax: Support FPO by walking your dog through the Wooftrax App! Click here for more info!
  • Be a Monthly Donor: This helps to ensure a steady source of income for our organization. Please use our Paypal account click here
  • Honoring Your Pet’s Memory: The death of an animal friend can be one of life’s most difficult experiences. You can honor your pet’s memory with a lasting tribute. By making a gift in memory of a beloved pet, you help us provide a second chance for an animal in need. Click here for more info!
  • Legacy Giving: Did you know that you could put Foster Pet Outreach in your will or estate planning? This is the gift that keeps on giving and can make such a difference to the future of so many lives. If you’re interested in learning more about Legacy Giving, please let us know.