Introducing your cat to your home

* Everyone needs his or her space

A bed, a crate or quite area that they like will work.  This will keep the stress levels lower for your own dogs/cats and the new cat.

Introducing your Cat to your Foster Dog/Cat


* Let your new cat become comfortable in the new environment before introductions. A closed room helps let everyone sniff and become familiar with eacg other’s scent.

*  Do not force things. If they are not immediate best friends, it may take a few days. Cats are generally harder to be comfortable with other cats or dogs if they have never been around other groups. There are times when cats just don’t like each other. The trick isto GO SLOW!

Getting Along

* Never leave a new cat alone with other pets unsupervised.

* Make sure your cat has places to jump up and hide from your dog.

* Playful chasing is normal!  Always remind dogs to play gently.

* Do not allow your dog to stare down at your cats.  (Cats will in turn hiss and swipe at a dog).

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