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Bella came to us extremely obese from a shelter. Her owner could no longer care for her. She loved Bella so much that she fed her McDonald’s every day. Our foster home put Bella on a diet and exercise and she lost weight and found her forever home. Her new mom continues to work with her and she is still losing weight.



Emmie was in a shelter after being found and it was thought she had been hit by a car. She was having trouble walking and in some pain. She came to us and the vet recommended 6 weeks of limited activity. Being young was an advantage and although her pelvis was badly fractured she healed quickly and went on to find her forever home.

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Diamond was petrified in a shelter in Chicago. She hardly moved except to move away from people. We saw the video of her and knew we could help her. We had a wonderful foster volunteer to take her and we headed up to get her. When we got there she growled and showed her teeth when we tried to get a lead on her. Our guts told us she was scared, not aggressive. We got her out with a catch pole and got her to her foster home. Within 24 hrs she was a completely different dog and is living a wonderful life now.

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Ayah was in a large shelter and it was thought she had been hit by a car. Her front leg was injured but not broken and there was a chance she would need it amputated. We got her to our vet and she said she had nerve damage and needed to have it amputated. She had the surgery and did fantastic and was more active after the surgery than she was with the injury. She found a wonderful family to love her forever.